Policy and regulation


About us
The Directorate of Policy Research and Regulations is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that there exists an enabling environment for the sustainable and coordinated growth of the fisheries and aquaculture sub- sector by coordinating the development of appropriate policy and legal framework and provision of data for sound decision making.

  1. Coordinate the formulation and development of appropriate Fisheries Policy and Legal Frame Work and standards;
  2. Coordinate development of areas of cooperation between the State Department and other stakeholders including the  development partners and international organizations;
  3. Monitor the implementation of targets for the National Oceans and Fisheries Policy;
  4. Oversee the operationalization of the Fisheries Management Bill 2014 and development of the regulations hereunder;
  5. Coordinate capacity building and training of all technical staff at both The National And County Government level;
  6. Coordinate the State Department of Fisheries’ participation in the International and Regional Fisheries Management Organisations;
  7. Coordination of matters of International Protocols and Conventions; ratification and development of Presidential Report on International Obligation;
  8. Preparation of Parliamentary briefs and responding to Parliamentary questions;
  9. Coordinate fisheries resource monitoring ( Catch Assessment, Catch Statistics); fishing effort (Fisheries Frame Surveys); compliance data; maintenance of database and information dissemination;
  10. Coordinate food security issues and Preparation of food Balance Sheets;  and
  11. Development of a framework for linkages and facilitate cooperation/consultation between the National and County Governments.
  12. Coordinate drafting of Parliamentary Bills for the Fisheries Sector; Cabinet Memos, Regulations, Rules, Legal Notices, Orders and Proclamations in consultation with the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Lands and Natural Resources and the Attorney General

Regulatory Services

  • Development of Fisheries  policy  standards:
  • Provision of linkages between fisheries policy, bills, legislation and regulations
  • Coordination and drafting of parliamentary Bills for the Fisheries subsector ; Cabinet Memos, Regulations, Rules, Legal Notices, Orders and Proclamations in consultation with the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Cooperative and the Attorney-General;
  • Management, review and harmonization of Fisheries sub-sector Policies, Bills and laws;
  • Preparation of appropriate amendments  for  legislative action
  • Participation in the ratification and domestication of regional, international Agreements and Conventions for the fisheries sector;
  • Develop standards and prescribed formats for data collection, storage , dissemination and sharing
  • Develop framework for fisheries regulatory licensing procedures
  • Build capacity for County and National Staff on data management and policy development.